March 5, 2009

Do All Things Better

"I'm convinced that if I can learn to do one thing at a time well, I will eventually be able to do all things better. So now when I work, I work. When I play, I play. When my soul needs attention, I give it my full attention, not just what I can spare. I give each part of me the full measure. If it works, I'll become not just a better runner but a better person."
--John Bingham, running coach (italics mine)

I appreciate this quote because I agree that we should give ourselves & our tasks our full attention, because then it will be our best effort and will produce our best work. I also like how he speaks of giving his full attention to himself when he needs it.
This is the way I see it: if you spend lots of time on yourself, you'll know yourself better, and thus be able to relate to others better. If you take care of yourself and are thus in good condition physically, mentally, & spiritually, then you will be easily motivated to take care of others.
Understandably, you can't spend all your time on yourself, and that's where work comes into the picture.
I think there is something honorable about not simply "giving something your best shot," but spending time on it, working with it, getting to know it, until you learn to do it perfectly. I think that this is how the Lord is with us. He doesn't just give us His best try; He knows us intimately and takes His time to do His work in us correctly, with loving commitment & passion. What an awesomely amazing God He is! And what a great example He is to us!

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