March 8, 2009

Adult Acne

Acne is usually thought of as a plight of the hormonal teenager. But unfortunately, many adults suffer from acne on their faces & bodies as well. Busy & active people, who sweat often and sometimes do not have access to a shower right away, are the most likely to develop adult acne.
Acne develops when grease on the skin mixes with bacteria and forms pimples.
Adult acne may be prevented or decreased in several ways.
First, do not eat highly processed foods. (High in fat with unhealthy preservatives.)
Second, do not stress. (Stress is known to cause acne.)
Thirdly, take an oral contraceptive. (The hormones in oral contraceptives help keep acne away, but acne can return when you stop taking the contraceptive.)
Fourth, do not smoke. (Smoking is also known to cause acne, among many other negatives.)

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