September 28, 2011

Ideas for Healthy Road Trip Foods?

My husband Eric & I are relocating to Seattle, WA on October 17th! We're almost ready to put our house on the market and embark on driving across the country on a 7-day road trip! We'll be driving a UHAUL truck and Eric's parents will be driving my car, so there will be 4 of us total, but also 3 pets: our puppy Levi and our 2 ferrets (Oscar & Oliver). So us and our little zoo will be packed into the moving van, and I'll be traveling further west than I've ever been in a car. I've flown to Seattle several times, but I haven't driven any further west than Missouri.
So my question to all of you is this: what are some healthy, low-calorie treats & snacks that you'd recommend for road trips? I would also prefer they be wheat free (I'm intolerant to wheat), but I can cheat on this a little bit if need be.
We'll probably take some Trail Mix and some deli sandwiches, but I'm a bit out of ideas after that, so I welcome any suggestions from y'all! (Also, they need to be cheap!) Let me know! Thanks!

September 27, 2011

Appreciating Brewed Java Again!

You all know how much I LOVE my fancy schmany coffees like mocha lattes, right? Well, I recently tried an iced coffee with some added chocolate flavor and whipped cream on top. To my surprise, I loved it! I figured it would still be too bitter for my taste, and it almost was, but I actually really loved it! And, because there's no milk in it, it's less calories than a mocha. The brewed coffee has basically no calories, so the only ingredients with calories would be the chocolate and the whipped cream, which I can always leave off. So yeah for finding tasty, chocolatey coffee drinks with fewer calories! I'm told that the folks at Starbucks call it an "iced coffee mocha", if you'd care to give it a try. I think you'll enjoy it!

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September 13, 2011

Dodging Diabetes

Please check out my other blog about Diabetes info, advice, and more healthy lifestyle stuff on this new blog:

Dodging Diabetes