January 18, 2012

Here in the greater Seattle area, there has been an almost historic amount of snowfall in the past few days, and it's going to continue for a few more days.  This area will most likely not recover from the massive amounts of snow until early next week, that's how much snow we're getting!  And it's currently snowing outside, still!
This picture was taken 2 years ago at the Steven's Pass ski area, a local ski resort.  See how high the snow is piled on the side of the road?  That is only a fraction of the amount of snow that is falling here now!
Because of the severe snow emergency in the area, the authorities have been asking everyone to stay off the roads and not drive if they do not need to.  So needless to say, Eric & I have not left the house in about 3 days, and most likely will not for another few days.
Being stuck indoors has put a serious cramp in my exercise agenda!  Not to mention that there's about a foot and a half of snow and ice covering all surfaces!  I cannot (and will not) attempt to run outside in these conditions.  So I have been forced to find other means of exercise, even if it means doing jumping jacks & push ups in the bedroom. 
I have also taken our dog on a few romps in the snow, to a neighborhood park.  He has taken to jumping into the snow piles and tunneling around in them.  He behaves like it's Christmas morning every time he plays in the snow, and it inspires me to be more active and to enjoy the little things in life, especially this "snowpocalypse" that has wrapped this entire region in a blanket of white. 
So, maybe I can't get out of the house and exercise as much as I'd like to right now.  So what???  I'm going to enjoy the little things, the rest, and the time off, and decide to get back into it hardcore once the roads and the sidewalks emerge from their frozen slumber.  No guilt here, just joy!