December 11, 2012

Still Here and Still Running!

Hey, ya'll!

It's been far too long since my last post here, and for that I apologize.  I was working 2 part time childcare jobs, but now I'm down to one.  I really enjoy interacting with the kids, but it's exhausting!  (As anyone with children can tell you; that kids take a LOT of work!)  And there are 12 kids at the daycare where I work!  I'm not alone with the kids either; there's always at least one other childcare provider there, and usually 2 others.

Anyway, I've been exhausted but somehow have gotten back into running.  I'm getting used to it again, so my body doesn't have as many aches and pains as it once had.  Which is great!  Although right now, I'm battling a painful case of shin splints.  I'm icing my shins as I type this!  But there's almost no back or shoulder pain anymore, and no more foot arch ache at all, which is such a blessing!
I'm really enjoying running!  I was able to buy a new running outfit that fits me better, so I'm much less self-conscious now, and I look like a hardcore runner!  This inspires me to run harder and be better.
Growing up in Ohio, in the winter months, it was bitter cold and below freezing most of the time, and I was a wimp and could not stand to try to run outdoors.  But here in gorgeous, gray Seattle, I run outside almost every day and I love it!  It's typically in the 40's here in the winter, unless it's snowing, then it's a bit colder.  So I'm usually cold on my runs when I first start, but in no time I'm toasty.  Facing the extreme weather is no longer a daunting, intimidating, dangerous task!   Although, I have yet to get used to the idea of the sun setting at 4:30pm around here in the winter!  So I've been wearing my cool little green flashing LED light clip during those times.  Safety first my friends!