July 15, 2010

Running Group!

I've got great news! I officially started a women's running group through Crossroads, an awesome church my hubby and I have been attending for several months. I was able to post a "wanted" classified ad on the church's website, and I got 3 responses within a week!
Me & the 3 other young women have met 3 times now, and we're absolutely loving it so far! Our schedule is Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, @ 7am at a local park that has a paved 1/2 mile loop. We've been running a moderate-pace 2 miles, but will start slowly upping our mileage when I get back from vacation in a couple weeks.
We're training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati, OH, in May! This goal is daunting and intimidating, but I have the utmost faith that we can do it, considering we have almost a year to train.
Two of us ladies are married, and the other married lady is pregnant! The other two ladies are both 22 years old, working full-time, and recent college grads. We've all run off & on for years, but never as a long-term habit. So hopefully that's what this running group will become!
I get up a 6:30am to get dressed and meet up with them at 7am. We run & walk for about a half an hour, then they have to leave to go shower and get ready for work at 9am.
It's hard for me to get up so early, but I usually come home and take a nap to catch up on sleep. The only bad thing is that I tend to be groggy for the rest of the day when I do this. So I'm going to tweak my bedtimes and naptimes to see if I can improve the drowsiness.
But yay for accountability & motivation!