June 9, 2013

Stops, Stalls, & False Starts

Howdy friends!
As you know, I've been reluctantly getting used to my new title of "power walker", as opposed to "runner". This has been an interesting transition for me, to realize that my body (after gaining 60 pounds from birth control) simply cannot run anymore.

But I've been power walking since December, and I've lost 10 pounds of fat so far. But I've also been gaining loads of muscle and toning up, even though the number on the scale has not dropped in several weeks. How do I know I've been toning up and gaining muscle? There's lots of ways: I'm able to fit into a few articles of clothing that I've not been able to wear for about a year, and my wedding band fits once again! Now my husband can no longer joke about me not looking "married" when I'm out in public. And my watch fits again, too!

My watch doesn't just fit, it's actually loose on my wrist now! I attribute my wrists, hands, and fingers being smaller now to the Depo birth control shot finally leaving my system after 2.5 terrible, long, torturous years of trying to lose weight but the Depo wreaking havoc on my hormones. But I believe the Depo to be TOTALLY and officially gone from my system!

How do I know the Depo is totally gone from my system? Well for starters, I lost 10 pounds in a little less than 2 weeks, that's how. And the last couple of menstrual cycles had been very heavy, like they had been before I began taking Depo. So, while I'm not thrilled to be having heavy periods again, it's a good sign!

That 10 pounds was most likely water weight or something that the Depo had been causing my body to store, and now it's gone. My body was so swollen from the chronic inflammation caused by the Depo. I don't really even know what exactly my body was storing inside itself, but whatever it was weighed 10 pounds that I'd been carrying around for the past 3 years. Yikes! It's a very scary thought that a supposedly "safe" prescription drug could negatively react with my body in such a severe, long-lasting way.

So, I'm thrilled to say that weight loss is happening, albeit not exactly in the way I imagined it. It took me power walking everyday from December to May to begin to actually lose weight. Then I lost those 10 pounds incredibly quickly. It's been almost 2 months since then, and the number on the scale has not moved since, but all my clothes are fitting looser, so I know that I'm still making progress.

The number on the scale is not everything. It is one indicator of health and weight, yes, but it's not the complete and accurate picture of a person's health. I know this. But, I still have 50 pounds to lose, so that number definitely needs to decrease. And I believe it will. It just seems like my body is losing weight and getting toned, but it's doing it in it's own way. So while it's difficult to remain positive sometimes when my weight isn't dropping, I have so many small victories that keep me on the right path.

So stay strong all of you, and never give up, and you'll get there! My new mantra is "slow and steady wins the race"