March 24, 2010

Foods that Fight Stress

Some form of stress effects all of us most everyday. A little bit of "good" stress can be a positive thing, enabling us to meet a close deadline at work, or focus on study material we must memorize for tonight's exam.
"Bad" stress, however, is the kind most talked about and researched, because this kind of stress has negative effects on our bodies & minds. Stress can cause all sorts of health problems like anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and migraines (just to name a few!)
There are, however, plenty of things you can do to combat stress.
Exercise might be the single best activity you can do to fight stress. Other calming practices like yoga & meditation can also help.
Also, there are many foods that contain antioxidants & release positive hormones in your brain, that you should eat on a regular basis.
Click on this link below to read an article about some serious stress-fighting foods to eat!


  1. Great article on stress reducing foods. I love spinach & blueberries and should probably eat more of these with my stressful schedule.

  2. Miss Val,
    Thanks for the comment! Yes, spinach & blueberries are definitely foods that I need to be eating much more of as well. They're so great for us!
    Thanks for reading & commenting! I appreciate it!