August 31, 2012

North Creek Trail in Mill Creek, WA

A couple of days ago, a church friend and I ran along the North Creek Trail in Mill Creek, Washington.  This 2.5 mile-long trail runs behind the Mill Creek Town Center, a large outdoor shopping & dining complex that is very dog-friendly. 

The trail is relatively flat (except for just a few spots of incline), wide enough to run 2 or 3 people wide, or to run with a dog or two.  The trail feels secluded because it's nestled on the shadowy edge of woods.  This is quite probably my new favorite trail, and the best part is:  it's only a mile or two away from my house, so it's very convenient! 

I was born & raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and there are not many easily-accessible trails.  If you want to find a path or trail to run or walk on, you need to use a high school track, or go to some sort of state or county park.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are a tremendous number of easily-accessible trails, parks, and scenic paths to enjoy.  Living here certainly makes it easier to pursue an active, outdoor lifestyle! 

And let's not forget another one of my favorite things about this area:  how mild and wonderful the weather is, so it's much more enjoyable to be outside in the summer and winter.  In Ohio, it's way too hot & humid to be outside for a large part of the summer, and it's way too cold, icy, and treacherous to venture outside in the winter.  I love living here in Seattle!

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