August 22, 2012

Come On, Punk, Make Me Run!

There's nothing like an upcoming race to kick my booty into running mode, and inspire me to get back into running! 

I'm running the upcoming Iron Girl 5K race here in Seattle, around the beautiful Green Lake.  I'd gotten out of the habit of running, so I'm very thankful for this opportunity to get me out pounding the pavement again!

I've realized something about myself:  I love the great vibes that running gives me, and I love that it's doing great things for my body (like preventing Diabetes and Heart Disease), but I don't really love running while I'm running

I've gained weight recently, so running hurts everything.  My foot arches hurt, my back aches, my shoulders hurt from pumping my arms, and my hips hurt (I think my hips are out of alignment or something).  And I only have 1 single running outfit that still fits me after all the weight gain.  I can barely squeeze into my running outfit, and this makes me self-conscious. 

Because of all these reasons, it's super easy for me to just stop running and not really miss it.  But deep down, in some primal area of my being, that same area where there is a strong, fit gal crying out to be let free, I realize that I do enjoy running.  Sort of.  Enough to keep running, anyway. 

Since I don't obsess about running (like a lot of the more "hard core" runners out there) and I don't particularly enjoy it, if that means I'm not a "true runner", then oh well.  At least I'm still running faster than all those folks still sitting on their couches!  Boo yah! 

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