September 25, 2012

I Love My Asics!

This is a similar shoe style to the Asics running shoes that I own, and let me tell you how much I absolutely love them!  I've always needed a bit more stability & support from my running shoes, but I tried a super-supportive pair a few years ago and was immediately plagued with severe shin splints that lasted for 6 months, and only ceased when I switched to a different kind of running shoe. 

I had heard numerous people say that Asics in general had more support and stability than most other brands, which intrigued me.  I'm an overweight runner trying to get back into the habit of running, and so I decided to give Asics a try.  (And it helped that I found them on clearance at DSW shoe store!)  They work great!  No knee, hip, or back pain, and only very slight shin pain.  Yay for Asics!

I've also tried Nike shoes, but they are too narrow and just seem too small for my foot in general.  The Nike shoes I had were very low-slung shoes, and didn't have enough material to completely encase my foot, and when they were tied, it seemed like my foot was going to burst through at any moment.  Very strange, and unfortunate, because I love all things Nike and I especially love their bright, vibrant colors and designs.  *sigh*

Asics look more, how should I say this?  Utilitarian.  And perhaps they are.  It would be nice if I could find some affordable Asics at DSW shoe store that were brightly-colored and super-cool.  Maybe someday I will!

What about you?  What are your favorite running shoes and why?  Have you encountered some shoes that simply don't work for you?


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