May 11, 2009

Lung Cancer--Still A Threat for Non-Smokers

Did you know that 1 in every 16 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer sometime in their lives? Did you know that research studies have proven that women who have higher levels of estrogen are at a greater risk of developing lung cancer, even if they never smoke?

Go and get your estrogen levels checked! Most birth control pills raise estrogen levels, so consider changing your birth control options. I suggest getting the Depo-Provera birth control shot, which adds no additional estrogen to your body! (And it lasts for 3 whole months!)

Stay away from smokers! Second-hand smoke kills, too! Excuse yourself and quietly leave the room if you're afraid of offending a smoker with your absence. Get lots of fresh air and avoid smokers at all costs!

If you smoke, quit it right now! Seriously, smokers raise their risk of dying from all sorts of diseases: heart disease, all cancers (especially lung cancer), high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity...... The list goes on and on of how much your risk increases if you smoke! So decide to change your lifestyle and literally save your life right now! Your body will thank you for it!

Test your home for Radon gas, and other gas leaks, like Carbon Monoxide. These gasses are poisonous to your bodies and wreak havoc on your lungs. Do the smart thing, go that extra mile, and get your home tested for these fumes!

Eat your vegetables! Seriously, do you know how many wonderful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and cell-repairing nutrients are in fruits & veggies? The answer is.... A TON! You cannot afford not to eat a healthy diet full of fruits & vegetables. These natural foods literally have properties that help repair cell damage that causes cancers.
What an easy way to eat healthier, have a more balanced diet, promote healthy weight loss and help your body repair damaged cells!

Get active! Research has shown that active people live longer and are much less likely to develop diseases, cancers, and illnesses than sedentary people. Active people live longer, healthier lives! Experts recommend being active (having an elevated heart rate) for 30 minutes a day, or 45 minutes every other day. So get out there and get active!

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