May 11, 2009

How to Wear Recovery Sox To Maximize Circulation & Fitness

Recovery Sox is the brand name of "compression socks," athletic socks that promote healthy, regular blood circulation in the lower legs.
Compression socks like these were originally popular with diabetes patients, people with poor leg circulation, & individuals recovering from surgery where blood clots were a concern.
These socks are now made in colors like white, silver, black, and fuschia, and are being tailored more for runners' and active peoples' performance needs.

Recovery Sox have "compression" areas built into the foot arch, ankle, and upper calf areas of the sock, with the compression material woven into the design. The package tells the wearer to "wear for 24 hours for most benefit".
Because these socks are so tight and stretchy, you should put your toe into the sock, gathering all the material in your hands. Then, pull it up over your calves, up to your knees. Adjust as needed. There is no left or right foot, so either sock can fit onto either leg.

Once the socks are on your legs, you need to know how long and where to wear them. I wear them during exercise, when I run errands, and sometimes even when I sleep at night. I pretty much only take them off for showering!
Wearing them during exercise supposedly promotes blood circulation and, when you wear them after exercise, reduces muscle inflammation and helps muscle recovery better & quicker than without compression socks.
You can adjust the wearing time for your specific needs, that means you can wear them pretty much anytime you wish, for as long or as temporary as you see fit! Wear them for awhile, doing different activities, to determine your needs.

Once you become acclimated to your Recovery Sox and you know when & where it benefits you most to wear them, you will notice that they will begin to smell, especially if you wear them while exercising! How should you wash & care for your socks?
I recommend hand washing your Recovery Sox only. Just spend a few minutes hand washing them in the sink, then lay them out somewhere flat & safe to dry, and your socks will be good as new!
I do not recommend putting them in the washer & dryer, even on the delicate cycle. There is a special coating on the material that helps the socks stick to your legs and maintains the stretchiness of the material. The more care you put into your socks, the longer this material will last.

  • When hand washing Recovery Sox, they will turn sticky. This is normal, and this stickiness will disappear once dry. But they will feel really weird until they dry!
  • I am a young woman who has always had poor circulation in my lower legs, which is probably genetic. Being an active runner helps this condition, but the Recovery Sox help even more. I have definitely felt the benefits of my leg circulation improving.
  • This is not medical advice. If you have poor leg circulation or pain, consult your doctor before using this product. This product should not be a substitute for medical help.
  • Again, be nice to your socks! Take care of them and that special coating they have on them, and they will last you for a long time.

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