April 2, 2009

Afraid That You May Have Pet Allergies?

Many people suffer from pet allergies and seasonal allergies. Many pet owners obtain a pet, only to find out they are allergic to them. You may be able to take OTC medicine for your allergy, and hopefully that will let you keep your pet.
However, experts are discovering that sometimes it is not your pet that you are actually allergic to, but the dust, mites, and pollen that Fido carries into the house from the outdoors or the basement! These microscopic, lung-clogging particles easily stick to your dog or cat's fur, causing all those yucky spores to be carried into your house.
The remedy? Bathe your pet at least once a week, dust your house often, vacuum, and wash bedsheets often. And remember, it's always easiest for mold & particles to prosper in dark and moist environments.
So if you think you're allergic to pets, (and you very well may be), first try bathing your pet & keeping your house well-dusted for awhile to see if your symptoms disappear. If so, then you'll know that you are simply allergic to what your pet carries in from outside.

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