January 7, 2009

Reasons For Establishing a Blog

My reasons for starting a blog are simple. I believe that I have some valuable knowledge to share with others about the topics of Christianity and healthy living. I am no expert (and will never claim to be so!), but would love the opportunity of sharing with you what I have learned & gaining insight from you, my readers.
I know the term "healthy living" is an extremely broad one, and I don't intend to necessarily cover all possible items that fall under that heading. I would like, however, to focus my blog on discussing physical activities & their benefits, such as running and core exercises, and healthy eating habits. An example of the "healthy eating" category is: you can lose 1 pound a week by simply cutting out 500 calories daily.
This blog will be a Christ-centered discussion of healthy lifestyle choices, including the physical, emotional, mental, & relational aspects of our lives.
I look forward to learning & growing right alongside of you, my readers.
Please look around, explore my pages, and talk back!

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