April 28, 2012

A First-Time Spinner!

Hi all!
So, I had a new experience a couple of nights ago. I was in the mood to exercise, but it was dreary and approaching dusk outside, and I just couldn't bring myself to leave the house and fight the weather.

But then I remembered my father-in-law has an old stationary bike out in the garage, and I decided to give it a go. I pedaled for about 35 minutes, and my backside was VERY SORE from the hard seat filled with compacted, uncomfortable foam. I was thinking, "how could anyone sit on this thing for longer than just a few minutes?!?"  Yikes, it was a hard seat!

My pa-in-law advised me to adjust the seat so that my leg would be almost fully extended on the down pedal, which I did, but then, after about 10 minutes, decided to lower my seat even more.

When my seat was too high, it felt like I had to rock back and forth on the seat with every push of the pedal, just to make it spin. So I figured that my seat was still too tall, and after I lowered it, it felt better and I didn't have to rock back and forth when pedaling, and my legs remained almost fully extended on the down pedal.

I could almost immediately feel the intense workout my quads were getting! I certainly "felt the burn" within just a couple minutes, which only goes to show how utterly out of shape I am!

So, in my opinion, spinning will give me a great, low-impact cardio workout, working "new" muscles I haven't worked in a long time, while enabling me to be indoors on those dreary days.

I'm a spinning convert! So what about y'all? Do you have any tips or advice for me, a newbie spinner? Please let me know, because I could use all the advice I can get as I tackle this new sport!

Spinning; who knew? I never thought I'd enjoy it so much and that I would get such an amazing workout from it! Yay!

image credit: http://spinningbikesnow.wordpress.com/

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