June 6, 2011

The Secret Ingredient.....Water?????

So I'm going to vent just a little bit here.
I was recently reading Oxygen magazine, which is a female hard-core fitness and weight-lifting magazine. The cover model, a extremely fit woman who was bordering on being scary-buff, was asked in an interview to share her "#1 secret" to looking so great, and she replied, "I drink tons of water!"
Water?!? That's her serious, honest-to-goodness answer to why she looks so fabulous & fit?
I wish she just would've said the truth, instead of watering it down for me (pun intended).
The truth: this woman has incredible genes, a Speedy Gonzales-like metabolism, is insanely strict about every morsel she eats, and works her butt off in the gym everyday. She works out like it's her job, because let's face it; it is! And she's a model, so she's already beautiful and has "that look" to her.
But yet she says drinking water is her secret? Water did not give her that body, that's for darn sure!
Here's proof: If I drank tons of water everyday, would I look like her? At all?
Um, no I think not.
I may have less bloating and may lose a few pounds from the sheer amount of bathroom runs I'd be doing, but would I look like I gained 15 pounds of muscle and lost 30 pounds of fat? I wish!
Of course drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated, especially if you're physically active, is a great idea, and your body does need plenty of water to function. But getting fit from drinking water?
Girl, please!

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