June 6, 2011

My New Blog About the Simple, "Small" Life!

Hi all!
I'm excited to introduce my new blogging endeavor, "My Lovely Little Life" Blog right here on Blogger.com!
Go here: www.mylsquaredlife.blogspot.com
I have been pondering some ideas lately, and when I connected them in my mind, they became a cohesive line of thought, about living a "simple" life.
I have decided that I love the words "simple", "small", and "little" when referring to my life. I know that usually these terms could be construed negatively, but I am here to offer the idea that maybe these are/can be positive terms when referring to one's life.
For example, I have been trying to live a "simple" life lately, by emptying my mind of regret, guilt, self-loathing, resentment, disappointment, and fear. Fear is a big one for me, because I have so many unanswered and unfulfilled prayers. I catch myself thinking, "I trust God, but what if? What if He chooses not to answer my prayers for another year or so? What if He says "Wait"?"
God telling me to "wait" for a while longer is not a death sentence for my dreams; it's not a "no" answer, and it's not a reason to be afraid. I know these things, but I routinely forget and become fearful.
Our messages at church recently have been about mental & emotional health, and learning to let go of past hurts, and release any resentment, anger, or bitterness we may be harboring against someone who has done us wrong in the past.
But I thought it a good idea in my life to take this one step further, and to release any bitterness, guilt, & disappointment I have with myself! I am truly my own worst critic, and tend to be very hard on myself.
So I've been doing lots of "spring cleaning" of my thoughts, my inner attitudes, and my own self image, forgiving myself for past mistakes, and releasing guilt I still carry around.
This is, of course, a continual, daily practice, and not a one-time gesture. This is a practice that I will have to work at everyday for it to become a habit.
So no more negativity, especially against myself!
Instead, I'm going to learn to focus on the positives, the blessings, and the good things in my life. This actually simplifies my life, because it simplifies my thoughts and my emotional reactions to them. This is my first example of how I'm simplifying my life, or making my life smaller.
I hope to talk much more about focusing on how I've been blessed, and how great my life is, even when things go wrong, or my prayers go unanswered.
Tune in for more soon, and thanks so much for reading! I'd love to hear any comments you have.

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