April 27, 2010

I Chopped My Hair Off!

So, after debating getting my hair cut short for an entire day (I was a little carried away with debating & anxiety), I finally decided to take the plunge and I got my hair cut short again on Saturday!
I don't have a picture of my new hair to post yet, so I'll post a similar haircut, shown on Jamie Eason, the fitness gal I featured in my last post.

This is very similar to what I have now (except of course I'm a brunette!)So, after spending the entire day fretting about this decision, I realized that I was caring way too much about this decision. It's only hair, for goodness sakes, right? It'll grow back!
I also realized that part of the reason I was terrified to cut it all off, was because I was afraid I would never be able to grow it long ever again.
This irrational fear comes from knowing that my mother & grandmother both have thinning hair. And my mother has cautioned me several times not to cut my hair short, because that's what she did when she was my age, and she was never able to grow it past her shoulders ever again.
So I decided that worrying about getting thinning hair at the ripe "old" age of 24 was simply ridiculous, and that I was placing too high a value on my hair.
So I chopped it! And I love how sporty it is, and how much body it has!
Having short hair will also save on shampoo & conditioner usage, and will cut down on my shower times.
So, for the time being, I have given up what I thought was my "dream" of having really long hair, for the benefits of having a short, sporty haircut just in time for summer!
And I'm not going to worry about someday losing my hair, because that's just plain a waste of energy! This is me, letting go!

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