August 21, 2009

3 Weeks Have Passed

I have been unable to run on a regular basis for 3 entire weeks now, due to strained left groin & hamstring muscles. Bummer!

At first I was feeling dull pain in my groin muscle, so I thought maybe I had just run too much without adequate time off to rest & recover, then that started to heal and I realized that the back of my upper leg (right under my glute) was hurting as well!

So I've tried to run a very slow 3 miles twice, but, while the muscle eventually warmed up and felt good while running, cooled down and became a bit worse than it was before running. So I realized that maybe I should save the running until I was completely better. So I guess my "active recovery" is simply walking on it!

I have been going slightly crazy and trying not to get too bummed out by my inability to run. I've been focusing on the fact that, in the grand scheme of my running life, 3 weeks is not that long.

I have still been performing core & ab strengthening exercises, lower back exercises, bicep & tricep curls, lunges to work my quads & glutes, and lower-leg exercises to strengthen the muscles in my shins, to help prevent shin splints.

So, anyone else out there who is laid up from physical activity because of an injury......TAKE HEART! Don't give up!

Take good care of yourself now, let yourself heal properly, and get back into your activity very slowly! Do some strengthening exercises that work the injured area to prevent it from happening again! And you'll be back to your old self in no time!

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