February 27, 2012

Just Received my Road ID in the Mail!

Hello to all of you!  The above picture is the Road ID slim from a very cool company called Road ID.  You can click here to go to their main site and see all of their products.  I am, at this moment, the very proud wearer of one of these awesome safety bracelets.  A purple version of the above bracelet adorns my wrist as I type this post. 
I had seen a Road ID product review on another runner's blog, and wondered if the company could send me a free bracelet in exchange for a written review on this blog.  Long story short, they did!  They allowed me to customize my own Road ID slim bracelet with 5 lines of text including my full name, emergency contact phone numbers, and with the words "Faith, Hope, Love, Victory" in the last line as my motivational phrase, because those faith-fueled words inspire me to find my best potential in all aspects of life. 
You know those common "causes" rubber bracelets that you see everywhere?  Especially the very famous yellow "Livestrong" bracelets?  Well this little Road ID slim is comparable in size, width, and weight to those other bracelets.  But with one very important distinct addition:  this lightweight little baby has a thin stainless steel wrap-around plate on it that holds your contact information.  The stainless steel plate is finely and precisely laser-engraved and has a lifetime guarantee, meaning that they will replace it for free if you somehow manage to scrape it up beyond recognition.  I do not foresee this happening in the near future for anyone, especially me.
I have not worn it running yet, but I have taken it on a couple walks with my canine companion, and I have been wearing it to wash dishes for the past couple of days in a row.  It seems sturdy, like it's not going anywhere, and it's so lightweight that I forget that I'm wearing it most of the time. 
I love how slim it is, and that it looks like the "causes" bracelets.   I also love that it's rubber (silicone, I think), and it does not stain, stretch, or scratch easily.  It seems like it will wear very well and not fall apart anytime soon.  Of course, I will need to wear it on several sweaty runs before having a clearer picture of how it performs, but I forsee it being my new favorite piece of jewelry.  I love that it's a safety precaution designed to keep me safe, but also that it's so cute, fashionable, and sporty.  That's definitely a bonus!
So this is my first review of the Road ID slim.  I will write another after I've worn it longer.