February 5, 2009

Nutritional Facts Debate

Should restaurants post nutritional facts?
In a SHAPE magazine poll, readers said:
83% said YES
17% said NO
The "YES" respondents' views were that we all have the right to know what our food contains so we can make healthy eating decisions.
The "NO" respondents' views said that, if you're eating fast food, you should already know that you're eating fatty & high-caloric foods, and you shouldn't need a sign to tell you what you already know.
So, what do you, my readers, think? Do you think restaurants should be required to post nutritional facts in the store, readily available for public viewing? Let me know!
Also, if you would like to vote & make your voice heard on other topics like this, you may go to www.shape.com/readerdebate for other polls.
And, just FYI, I know Burger King (at least the Kenwood, OH location) posts nutritional facts right by the counter, although it seems to be a fairly recent development. But as someone who keeps a daily food journal, I prefer knowing exactly how many calories I'm ingesting, even at Burger King!
(poll opinions from SHAPE magazine, March 2009, Volume 28, #7)

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